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First Star Attempt by North Sky Photography


so a blonde girl walks into a stereotypical misogynistic joke

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you can put this device on any surface and it will actually type. like. this is a hologram. a HOLOGRAM. I CAN TYPE WITH A HOLOGRAM NOW.

its sold by Brookstone and fucking damn it is the most fascinating thing i have seen in my life so far holy god

Wait wait wait is this like a you hook it up to a computer and type on the light and then words?

yup. simple bluetooth hookup and boom. you’re done. you can now type on your desk with a hologram to send texts, make notes, do literally anything a keyboard can do.

Woah. Woah. WOAH

It’s sold by ThinkGeek too! But it is quite expensive

every day we get closer to Tony Stark

“Leave no airbender behind!”

Leave no airbender behind!”



what even are cats

Everything about this picture is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sam Shakusky, Khaki Scouts Troop 55, Camp Ivanhoe.

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I think you’ve still got lightning in you.

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For anon

"The two of them are in love aren’t they?"
"Mhm, but they are always apart. He’s king of the dwarves and lives underground, while she’s cursed to live as a sheep. Only when the clock strikes 12 is she a fairy. So the king appears at that moment, just to catch a glimpse of the girl he fell in love with. What do you bet that the artist who made this clock was separated from the love of his life?"


the last two oh my god

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Pizza sex burger

Oh shit, now I’ve gotta make one of these

Mother of God

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